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Extension Homemakers Sewing with Purpose

May 21, 2020
finished quilts

The Indiana Extension Homemakers Association has the following mission statement:

"To strengthen families, through continuing education, leadership development, and volunteer community support."

Hamilton County's Volunteer Community Support leader, Sharon Parker, suggested the 173 members make quilts for the homeless using fabric from their homes or what is donated to the organization at the county Extension Office. Each quilt needs 63 squares sewn together for the top. Then batting and a backing is added before the next team starts tying the three layers together. The project began last fall in October and COVID -19 allowed extra time for finishing the quilts. Sharon said as of May 1 they have made 51 quilts and donated them to the Good Samaritan Network to give to the homeless or anyone who needs one.

Roaring 20's club members are sewing face coverings to deliver to nursing homes.

Silvernotes members have made 1350 face masks so far while they cannot have singing engagements.


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