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Invasive Species Management Workshop for Forest Landowners

August 13, 2019

Come on out to the Invasive Species Management workshop and learn how to control out-of-control invasive vegetation on your forest property! Practical, hands-on training by foresters and natural resource professionals. See first hand results of invasive control practices. This event takes place on Thursday, September 5, from 6 to 8:30 PM and Saturday, September 7, from 9 AM to 2 PM EST. Saturday lunch will be provided.

1. Assessing your invasive plant problem – species, size, amount
2. Three pillars of invasive management – prevention, early detection, strategic management of existing infestations.
3. What are your control options and deciding which methods are best for your situation.
4. Herbicides? Which to use, how to read the label, calculating rates, how to mix, application methods and techniques, timing, safety, laws and regulations.
5. Funding and technical assistance
6. Hiring a contractor
7. Set your goals and objectives. Put it all together in a plan.
8. Beyond control – habitat restoration and enhancement.

Register by August 23rd.
Contact Name: Emily Finch, SWCD Invasive Species Specialist
Contact Phone: 812-482-1171, Ext 3

For details view flyer here: Invasive Species Management Flyer 2019 (.696MB pdf).

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Ron Rathfon, Regional Extension Forester
Southern Indiana Purdue Ag. Center
Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources

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