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Hamilton County Master Gardener Program

May 22, 2019
Purdue Master Gardener Program

"Helping Others Grow"

Purdue Master Gardeners are volunteers that "Help Others Grow" in Hamilton County. They are able to assist with any tax-supported agency or organization, based on availability, time of year, and other factors. Most of their work is carried out in Hamilton County although they sometimes are asked to assist elsewhere. They are a publicly trained group whose purpose is to assist the local Extension Educator in addressing the educational needs of the general public as they relate to home horticulture needs. Master Gardeners are not intended to be a source of free labor for private individuals or organizations.


Help Line for Homeowners

The Hamilton County Master Gardener Association maintains a Help Line which can be reached at 317-776-0854. Most questions left on the Help Line will receive a response within 2 business days. The Help Line is open 24/7/365. Most questions range from "what is wrong with my lawn" to "why did my tree die overnight" (it didn't).

Speakers Available

The Seeds of Knowledge can provide speakers for your meetings. Please contact the Hamilton County Extension Office at 317-776-0854 with your request. It is best if you can plan at least 1 month in advance

Hamilton County Master Gardener Websites:

Hamilton County Master Gardener Association Website

Purdue State Master Gardener Program

Hamilton County Master Gardener Resources

Online Hour Entry Link

Online Entry Training Handout

State Master Gardener Website

Online Study - Training Hours


Public Information Websites:

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