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How to Start a 4-H Club

September 27, 2016

4-H in the Community provides club-based education with the assistance of teachers, parents, and community volunteers. 

Here's how to get started:

1.  A least one volunteer leader (two or more is best).  Adults help youth answer "Life's Little Questions."  Are you an adult interested in helping youth to be the best they can be?  Volunteers must complete an application, attend an orientation and pass reference screening.

2.  Youth must be enrolled in the 4-H Youth Development Program.  State enrollment fee is $15 per youth participant (maximum of $45 fee for families with 4 or more members residing in the same household).

3.  Decide on the type of club you want to offer your 4-H'ers.  4-H offers general projects and activities as well specific clubs such as Robotics, Dogs Obedience, Floriculture and more.

4.  Complete the Club Charter application process. 

5.  Deliver or mail all documents together as a packet to:  Marion County 4-H Purdue Extension, 1202 East 38th Street, Discovery Hall, Indianapolis, IN 46205-2807 on the Indiana State Fairgrounds across from the Indiana School for the Deaf.

6.  Provide a safe place to meet such as a school, library, after school site, church or community centers.  Your meeting space must be easily accessible to all youth participants (meets all requirements set forth by the American with Disabilities Act).


**New Clubs forming during the 2016 year may be eligible for some financial assistance.  Please contact the Marion County 4-H office at: 317.275.9305.

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