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Americana 4-H Project

April 19, 2018
4-H Clover

Americana is a 4-H project that will allow youth to identify antique items and their uses; learn how to restore antiques; interact with other generations to learn about uses and to secure help in identification; and interact with others with a similar interest and to share with others what they have learned.

Project Categories:

Restored antique item should be refinished, painted, rewired, etc. to be in "like new" form. Such as: household -furniture, kitchen, pottery, glass, etc.; hand tools; horse drawn and related items; farm tractors; implements and other farm machinery; lawn tractors; signs; stationary engines; etc.


Members are required to complete ONE General 4-H Record Sheet per year which will include all projects that the 4-H member takes for the year.

Project Manuals may be requested through 4-H Online by May 15.  (Only Cats, Dogs and Small Pets require manuals).  Visit the 4-H Online Homepage to find directions for requesting manuals.


General 4-H Record Sheet Requirement



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