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Home Environment 4-H Project

March 24, 2020
home design

Educational materials applying principles of design to home design and decoration as well as information about care of home furnishings.

For the 4-H Home Environment project, 4-H members at each grade level may choose from three possible exhibit categories: a furniture item and notebook, a design board (poster and notebook), or a portfolio (notebook). Level 3 participants will also have a fourth choice: independent study. See handout for specific exhibits. Note: Each level has several options per category from which to choose. 4-H members either choose a different option each year or show how they expanded on the same option (portfolio and furniture categories only) used in previous years.

Check the 4-H Handbook for complete exhibit details.

Note: Members are required to complete ONE General 4-H Record Sheet per year which will include all projects that the 4-H member takes for the year.

Project Manuals may be requested through the lending library.  (Only Cats, Dogs and Small Pets require manuals).  Visit the 4-H Online Homepage to find directions for requesting manuals.


General 4-H Record Sheet Requirement

Indiana 4-H Home Environment Page - Click on Publications to find layout drawings and portfolio board samples.

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