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Weather and Climate Science

March 25, 2020
Weather & Climate

Youth will learn basic information about weather and climate science, including what causes variations in weather and why we have different seasons and climates on the earth. In this project you will observe and record weather conditions and learn weather symbols.

Check the 4-H Handbook for complete exhibit details.

Note: Members are required to complete ONE General 4-H Record Sheet per year which will include all projects that the 4-H member takes for the year. 

Project Manuals may be requested through the lending library.  (Only Cats, Dogs and Small Pets require manuals).  Visit the 4-H Online Homepage to find directions for requesting manuals.


General 4H Record Sheets Requirements

Indiana 4-H Weather Page - Includes resources to help you complete and learn about your project.

Indiana Weather Page

Grade 4 Weather Information Sheet (4-H 346A-W)

Find Grade 5 Data Sheet (4-H 379B-W) and Grade 6 Weather Record Sheet (4-H 379C-W) by going to the Indiana 4-H Weather page listed above and click on Record Sheets.

Leader's Guide

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