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4-H Performing Arts Festival

March 25, 2020







Performing Arts Festival

The Dubois County 4-H Performing Arts Festival is an annual event where 4-H members can share their talents. The event was formerly known as Share-the-Fun. The contest typically takes place during the month of April each year. Contest participants can sign up for the following categories. 

1. Group Acts

Number of performers: five (5) or more performers

Performance time limit: 5-8 minutes

Types of acts: skits or sketches, choral number, dance routines, lip sync


2. Curtain Acts: Non-Musical

Number of performers: one (1) to four (4) performers

Performance time limit: 3-5 minutes

Types of Acts:  skits or sketches, magic, clowning, rhythmic gymnastics, reading, 4-H cheerleading routines, choral speaking reading, dance (ballet, tap, modern, etc.) lip sync, juggling, acrobatic feats, ballads, puppetry.

3.  Curtain Acts: Musical

Number of performers: one (1) to four (4) performers

Performance time limit:  3-5 minutes

Types of Acts: instrumental (piano, guitar, flute, drums, etc.), vocal, bands (rock, country, jazz)


Members and clubs may enter as many acts in each category as they wish. All participants must register in advance. Specific information about this year's contest can be found in the related files section at the bottom of this page. At the county contest, the top act from each category is invited to attend the area contest. Top placing acts at the area level can advance to the state and perform at 4-H Round Up or the Indiana State Fair. 

Special Note: Area winners will be screened at the state level and only those consistent with Indiana's 4-H mission and values will be invited to perform.


Please see files below for contest entry forms, specific contest information, and scorecards. 


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