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October 6, 2020
4-H Grows Here

Welcome to Dubois County 4-H Information page!

This page contains links to the web pages containing 4-H club, project, leader/volunteer, and other information. Let us know if we need to add or update any information by sending an email to duboisces@purdue.edu





4-H Online - 4-H Enrollment Window: October 1 - January 15

4-H Online and Fair Entry Project Guide

4-H Online Family Enrollment Guide

Enrolling in 4-H as a NEW 4-H Youth Member

Enrolling in 4-H as a NEW Adult Volunteer

Enrolling in 4-H as a Returning 4-H Youth Member

Enrolling in 4-H as a Returning 4-H Adult Volunteer


Important 4-H Dates to Remember

October 1st - 4-H Online Enrollment Opens

January 15th - 4-H Online Enrollment Window Closes

April 1st - 4-H Steers must be identified online

May 15th - Deadline to Add/Drop Projects

May 15th - Deadline to order T-Shirts and Pins (Via event registration in 4-H Online or by Phone or Email)

May 15th - Deadline to submit Achievement Award application to Extension Office

May 15th - All Goats, Sheep, Swine, Horses, Heifers, and Rabbits must be identified in 4-H Online

May 16th - June 30th - Fair Entry is open to enter the details of your 4-H Projects through duboiscounty-indiana.fairentry.com


4-H Club and Leader List

Dubois County 4-H Handbook - Find the guidelines for completing your projects here by downloading the handbook.

Dubois County 4-H Projects

4-H Clover Chronicles Newsletter- Published with important information for 4-H Members, Parents and Volunteers.  

4-H Trips & Workshops

4-H Scholarships & Awards 

4-H Forms

4-H Adult Leaders

4-H Livestock Opportunities


Other ways to learn more and connect:

Call or visit the Extension Office: 1482 Executive Blvd. Jasper, Indiana, (812) 482-1782


Follow Purdue Extension-Dubois County:




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