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Center for Food and Agricultural Business Team Works

Purdue University's Center for Food and Agricultural Business offers programs and workshops to help professionals in food and agribusiness firms survive and thrive in today's markets.

The center develops and offers both enrollment programs and custom-designed offerings to meet the needs of specific clients and companies. It has conducted seminars for more than 7,500 agribusiness managers nationwide and around the world, the majority taking place on Purdue's West Lafayette campus.

"The Center for Food and Agricultural Business is a team of faculty and professional staff who create educational experiences for agricultural business firms and managers," said Jay Akridge, the center's director. "We also work with them on applied research projects. We want to help them make better decisions and build a stronger organization with new concepts, tools, and ideas."

The center's full-time professional staff and faculty meet with individual clients and discuss their needs and skills, then create a program to help that business. They also conduct research on agribusiness issues relevant to clients.

"This is our second year working with the center," said Stan Hicks of Harvest Land Co-op Inc., an agricultural cooperative. "The first year was to help train our sales management team and reinforce the direction we were heading with our programs. Now this year, we've taken all that a step further to our marketing area and will be using what we've learned in our summer sales training seminar. Their help has reinforced our original ideas and confirmed that we were on the right path."