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Horse Bowl & Hippology

February 12, 2019

ALL 4-H Youth Interested in participating in Horse Bowl and/or Hippology

We will have our first meeting on Monday, January 28th at 6:30 at the Georgetown Optimist Club. Any 4-H member interested in learning more about Horse Bowl and Hippology, or if you would like to be a part of the team is welcome to join us. We will be practicing with both Harrison County and Floyd County 4-Hers.


What is Hippology?

Hippology is a team and individual event. Each team should have three to four members. Teams can be made up of individuals in different divisions, but will compete in the division of the oldest individual. (More details on rules and registration fees will be included through the 2019 State Horse Bowl and Hippology Contest Schedule)

The contest consists of

  1. Written Examinations- multiple choice format questions based on the age appropriate resources.
  2. Stations- Identifying items in different categories for each station
  3. Slides- multiple choice question from a picture on a screen
  4. Judging- two classes will be judged on video, usually halter and performance
  5. Team Problem (for seniors/intermediates)- You will be asked to solve a practical horse problem with an answer impromptu or prepared.

What is Horse Bowl?

Horse Bowl is a team event. Each county can have two teams per division. A team consists of four to five members. You will have a panel of four members competing against another team. Your fifth member may be your alternate to switch out, but only four can be in the panel at once. Questions will be asked and the contestants will have to “Buzz In” their answers. Teams will accumulate/deduct points for ones the get correct/incorrect. Details about types of questions and points per question type will be explained on the 2019 State Horse Bowl Contest Schedule.



The 2019 State Horse Bowl and Hippology Contest Schedule has not yet been posted, but I have attached the 2018 schedule for you to view.


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