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Mini 4-H Workshop- What is First Aid?

January 24, 2020
Mini 4-H First Aid

The Next Mini 4-H Workshop


First Aid- March 12th. 5:30 PM

 Cuts, Scrapes, and Bruises-Oh My!

Hey, I’ve got something in my Eye

Strains and sprains,

And all of my pains!

Bee and wasp bites,

Can someone make me all right?

Burns and breaks, stitches and shots

I’m running a fever and feel really hot.

Boo hoo, I’ve got a boo-boo.

What do I do????

Learn all about First Aid and what happens in a hospital emergency room from  Therese Sirles, Nurse Practitioner at the U of L Emergency room. Make a first aid kit to have at home. RSVP by March 5th by calling 812-738-4236 or email Mary at feve@purdue.edu




What is Mini 4-H?

These programs are geared towards those in grades K-2 at no cost. It is designed to introduce you and your child to the 4-H program. Mini 4-H members do not attend club meetings or keep records, though being involved with a club may be beneficial to the child as older 4-H members can help them learn about 4-H. Most projects can be completed with items found in your home. This is an excellent way for children to learn by doing and exhibit a project at the fair. Mini 4-H members also have the opportunity to attend workshops and a day camp just for Mini 4-H'ers during the summer.

Mini 4-H Projects

Past Programs

Here are some of the workshops we have done in the past! These activities help Mini 4-H'ers gain life skills such as teamwork, creativity, fine motor skills, and more!

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