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2019 4-H Trips & Workshops

February 12, 2019
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4-H Trips and Workshops

4-H Trips and Workshops are a great way to meet 4-H members and youth from around Indiana and even from around the country. Jasper County 4-H members and youth have the opportunity to attend any trip or workshop that interests them. Most opportunities costs are supported by the Jasper County 4-H Council and additional scholarships may be available where needed.

For more details on the trips and workshop offered, please read through the 4-H Trip Details file found below.  

In order to be considered for a sponsorship, the 4-H Trips & Workshops application must be submitted to the Extension Office by March 1st (application link below).  Additional registration forms may be required once you have received a sponsorship.  

If you have any questions or want to know more about any of the opportunities below, please contact the Purdue Extension - Jasper County office. You can call 219-866-5741 or email williaak@purdue.edu

Below are the dates for the 2019 Trips & Workshops offered and corresponding websites where applicable: 

4-H Academy at Purdue June 12-14                                     


State Junior Leader Conference June 18-21                                             


State Fair Youth Leadership Conference July 30 - August 3                       


State 4-H Band Workshop June 22-24                                           


State 4-H Chorus Workshop June 22-25                                             


4-H Round Up June 24-25                                                                                   


Citizenship Washington Focus June 29 - July 6                   


National 4-H Congress - November 29 - Dec 3                                                                                                                 


State Fair 4-H Exhibit Building workers - End of July                                                             


Indiana 4-H Leadership Summit - November 16                                       



To apply for all trips, fill out the "Jasper County 4-H Trips and Conferences Application" and choose up to four that you would possibly like to attend.  Turn the application into the Extension Office by March 1st!! 

Any Questions please call Anna at the Purdue Extension Office 219-866-5741

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