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4-H Sports project

December 29, 2015


No State Fair Entries

Exhibit levels
Beginner  Grades 3-5
Intermediate  Grades 6-8
Advanced  Grades 9-12

The 4-H Sports project recognizes the role team and individual sports play in the lives of today’s youth. Project participants have the opportunity to demonstrate their personal participation in or research of a sport of their choice.

Objectives of the 4-H Sports project

♥  Learn about the basic skills of the sport you have selected.  
♥  Learn the safety rules of the sport.

♥  Understand good sportsmanship.

Project Requirements

Submit a completed record sheet to a 4-H leader prior to the 4-H Fair.
One different sports exhibit may be entered each year.

Exhibit a standard 22” x 28” poster describing an aspect of your chosen sport.
Place the project label in the lower right hand corner.  The poster should be displayed
horizontally and mounted in its entirety on firm backing and covered in clear plastic or
other transparent material. 

Potential Sports Topics

♥  Auto Racing
♥  Badminton
♥  Baseball
♥  Basketball
♥  Bicycle
♥  Billiards/Pool
♥  Bowling
♥  Cheerleading
♥  Diving
♥  Fencing
♥  Figure Skating
♥  Football
♥  Golf
♥  Gymnastics
♥  Handball
♥  Horse Racing
♥  Ice Hockey
♥  Martial Arts
♥  Racquetball
♥  Rowing
♥  Sailing
♥  Scuba Diving
♥  Skiing
♥  Squash
♥  Soccer
♥  Swimming
♥  Table Tennis
♥  Tennis
♥  Three wall
♥  Track & Field
♥  Volleyball
♥  Weight Lifting
♥  Wrestling

Potential Exhibit Topics

♠  Favorite Team
♠  Equipment & Care
♠  Your Participation
♠  Preparation/Warm Up
♠  Favorite Player
♠  History of your Sport
♠  Officiating
♠  Special Skills
♠  Techniques
♠  Teaching Others
♠  Exercise Value
♠  Health Rules
♠  Sportsmanship
♠  Scoring Systems
♠  Safety Rules
♠  Mental Toughness
♠  Conditioning/Nutrition
♠  Sport Careers
♠  Time Management
♠  Olympics & World Games

* These are not all-inclusive lists. Participants are encouraged to use
   his or her imagination!

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