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Co-Parenting Workshop for Parents Raising Children Together

July 25, 2019

The impact of poor co-parenting has a lifetime effect on children. In many instances, children are exposed to adult issues; arguing over money problems, property, loyalty, etc. Children see and hear the communication breakdown and are often thrown into the middle. Hostile co-parenting situations impair child development. Children that are raised in high conflict situations are more likely to engage in risk behavior including drug and alcohol use and early and unsafe sex. They are also more likely to have failed relationships themselves later in life. With one of the highest national divorce rates, our Indiana families and youth are among those of greatest need for co-parenting intervention.


I am happy to announce that LaGrange County is offering parenting workshops once per month for parents! When co-parents act amicably, children learn positive life skills and are more resilient!


“Co-Parenting for Successful Kids” is scheduled once every month from 9am-1pm on the first floor of the County Office Building. The cost per participant is $50. This workshop is one session. The workshop is geared for adults who have children that are parenting together. These parents do not have to legally be married. They could be in the process of a divorce or one may be trying to get custody. I have seen many different situations. Unfortunately, we are not offering childcare during the duration of the program at this time, but will evaluate this in December to see if we need to offer it in the future. Parents that attend will be able to develop plans for a respectful, responsive, and responsible co-parenting relationship. The deadline to register for the program is one week before the workshop date.


Workshops are scheduled from now until December 2019. This program has been very successful in LaGrange and Steuben Counties. Over 150 parents have been reached since the fall of 2017. The positive influence of this program does not stop with the parents who participated though. Other family members such as youth, stepparents and grandparents also benefit from the skills these parents have gained through the “Co-parenting for Successful Kids” course work.


Purdue Extension in LaGrange County’s Facebook page has the workshops listed on the events page, as well as more information about the workshop. Feel free to share with others!


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