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Southeast Indiana Judges and Leaders Clinic Resources

December 2, 2020

With the learning potential and attention of the public eye during our County Fairs, it is important to make project judging an excellent educational experience for all members. 4‑H Judges and Leaders play a vital role in that education, and they need appropriate resources to build their skill set. This workshop will explain a volunteer development program created by County Extension Educators in Indiana designed to do just that. The Southeast Indiana Judges and Leaders’ Clinic has a track for helping judges understand 4-H and a track to help volunteers with resources for their club. The proper training and education ensures their time spent with youth can be encouraging and impactful to empower youth to make their best even better. Join us for a hands-on look at a program completing its second year in helping volunteers understand and appreciate the process 4-H members experience and not simply focus on the end product.

Thanks for joining us for more information on the Southeast Indiana Judges and Leaders Clinic. You can find a lot of our resources in the files section below. Feel free to reach out to any of our planning team members for more information. Team members include (click name for contact information):


Curriculum Resources Used

Essential Elements Curriculum and Training Guide

Experiential Learning Pocket Guide

Navigating Difference


Video Used in Year 2

For the Diversity and Inclusion session, this video was shown as en example of being culturally aware and looking for creative opportunities.

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