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Enjoy over 30 years of knowledge with Dan Cassens, Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University, on 35 of the nation’s popular hardwood trees. Whether you are weekend wood craftsman or seasoned sawmill operator, this CD will be your resource of hardwood tree information.

This comprehensive CD(CD-FNR-406) on hardwoods covers the following:

  • Tree Species: Ash; Aspen; Basswood; Beech; Birch; Black Cherry; Black Gum; Black Locust; Black Walnut; Boxelder; Buckeye; Butternut; Catalpa; Chestnut; Coffeetree; Cottonwood; Dogwood; Elm; Hackberry; Hard or Sugar Maple; Hickory; Holly; Honey Locust; Magnolia; Mulberry; Osage Orange; Persimmon; Red Oak; Sassafras; Soft Maple; Sweetgum; Sycamore; White Oak; Willow; Yellow-Poplar
  • Dan Cassens
    This CD is dedicated to the thousands of companies and individuals Dan has met and shared knowledge with at numerous events and workshops over the years.

    Decay Resistance: Learn the decay properties of various hardwood species.
  • Mechanical Properties: Learn about different properties of various hardwood species.
  • The Production Process: See how hardwood lumber is processed from start to finish.
  • Purchasing and Selling Hardwood Lumber: Learn who to contact when you are buying or selling lumber.
  • Shrinkage: Learn how much lumber can shrink and expand due to relative humidities.
  • Steam Bending: Ability of different woods to bend
  • Understanding Lumber: Learn different characteristics of hardwood lumber, terms and definitions, and sawing techniques.
  • Wood Machining: Find out how different hardwood species respond to planing, shaping, turning, and boring.

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