Junior Pork Day 2000

Here are some photos from Junior Pork Day. Click on the photo to see a larger picture.

Registration for Junior Pork Day

Dr. Brian Richert (left) - Swine Extension Specialist; and Dr. Jeff Armstrong (right) - ANSC Dept. Head

Clint Rusk explaining what to look for when choosing your 4-H pigs

Clnt Rush on "Choosing Your 4-H Project"

Wayne Yake on "How to Show Your Swine Project"

Merrill Smith on "How to get Ready for Show Day"

Donny Sheldon explaining the uses of ultrasound

Dustin Kendall moving pigs for the evaluation contest

Evaluating feeder pigs

Learning how to evaluate meat cuts

Evaluating meat cuts

Sensory evaluation of different types of ham

"I Hope"

Prizes donated to Junior Pork Day - "Thank You!"


And the winners are:

Senior Division
1st Place: Mike Rakestraw

Junior Division
1st Place: Colby Knott

Novice Division
1st Place: Wyatt Halfhill

Senior Division (left to right)
2nd Place: Neil Morrow
3rd Place: Aaron Getz
4th Place: Eric Dultlinger
5th Place: C.W. Colglazier

Junior Division (left to right)
2nd Place: Jeff Fischer
3rd Place: Shaw Haselby
4th Place: Kurt Fischer
5th Place: Keith Carrell

Novice Division (left to right)
2nd Place: Ronald Peter
3rd Place: Lindsey Yarde
4th Place: Randy Malcolm
5th Place: Trisha Isenberg

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