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How to Use This Site

Welcome to Provider-Parent Partnerships (PPP)! We hope you will find the site easy to use and helpful in your work.

The information included in this Web site is divided into eight broad topic areas and some additional sections to organize the site. Buttons for the eight content categories are at the top right-hand corner and also at the bottom of the page. If you click on one of those buttons, you will move to that section of PPP. When you go to the main page for that category, you will see some basic information and the outline for that category. To move to a different category, just click on it.

To see an outline of everything that is available on this Web site, go to the Site Directory. You can click on any item in the site directory to go to that page.

There is a Search button that will let you look for a particular topic. It will search the entire document, not just the titles. If you have a particular question, you can find out if PPP has any information for you.

Most pages were written for childcare providers. Some pages were written for providers to give to parents. Parent Pages are indicated with this symbol handprint.. Most parent pages with that symbol were created for this site, and most are offered in PDF format. You will need Adobe® Reader® software to open PDF pages. You can get that software by going to the Adobe Website and downloading the Adobe® Reader® for free. PDF files will always fit correctly on the page and should look nice. It is fine to print them in black and white, but they will look very nice in color.

Some of these handouts can be a part of a Welcome Packet. PPP suggests that you give new families a Welcome Packet to answer some of the parents’ questions. The handouts marked with this symbol apple icon are a part of the Welcome Packet. The Packet helps you deal with concerns parents may have when they start leaving their child in care.

You can also print off handouts to share with the parents. When you share handouts with parents, you might want to print out a single copy for one parent you are trying to reach. Maybe that parent has special concerns, and the handout can help. Or maybe you want to print out copies of some material for everyone in the program. It probably would be good to tell parents that you thought they might find the material useful. Be careful to be supportive of the parents. Avoid telling the parent that you think they are doing something wrong. Let the parent know that other people wrote the material. Then you can discuss it together. The parent might be willing to tell you if she disagrees.

If you are not a childcare provider, you still might find many useful pieces of information. You may want to look mostly at the Parent Pages. Many of the links connected to this site will take you to sites that were created especially for parents.

There are many pages that provide links to other pages or sites. You will know that there is a link if some words are in blue. Just click on the words (your cursor should turn into a hand when you move it over the linked words), and you will go to the linked information. You can push the “back” button to get back to the place in PPP where you started.

We did not include many links on the Parent Pages. We assume that you will print out paper copies of these for the parents. The parents probably will not read the pages on the computer, so they will not be able to go directly to a Web site. We do give parents some Web addresses, though. Help them find places to use a computer if they do not have one at home.

If you want to know how PPP was created and supported, go to About Us. There is also a listing of authors there. The authors of each page are listed on the pages they created. If you click on the author’s name on any page, you will go to a page that describes the authors. Scroll down to the person’s name to get some brief information about that person. Many students helped with this site. Their information explains what they were doing when they were students. Many are now professionals in different places around the country and in other countries.

We are working on new material for the site all the time. You might find some topics that are “under construction.” That means the information should be ready soon. Contact us if you need information about one of those topics immediately. We might be able to send you something right away.

When you are done looking at the site, tell us what you think. If you select that section, you can tell us how you like the site, how you want to use it, and what suggestions you have for new information or for changes. You also could tell us if you would like to help with a formal evaluation of the site. Help us help you better!

For more information, contact Judith A. Myers-Walls, PhD, CFLE at

Please feel free to link to, print off, redistribute, or reprint
  any of these materials as long as the original credits remain intact.

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