Welcome to Energy Estimator: Grain Drying

Energy Estimator: Grain drying tool was developed by Purdue University, Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department through a USDA-NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) entitled “Exploring Biofuel Alternatives for Energy-Intensive Seasonal Drying Processes”,  Agreement#: 68-3A75-6-156.

This Purdue University energy estimator is designed to inform you of the energy cost centers and help you estimate the energy costs for two grain drying processes, namely In-bin and high-capacity dryers commonly used in the Midwestern United States for grain drying. Purdue’s faculty and Extension Engineers have developed the energy cost models through years of field research and modeling of grain drying processes. Through the CIG grant, collaboration with NRCS specialist made the development of this tool for web-based application possible.  

This tool does not provide operation-specific recommendations; it provides an idea of the type of energy cost savings that a producer might expect from selecting specific in-bin or high-temperature drying systems. Results should not be construed as actual savings, but only as estimates. The tool evaluates options based on user input. It is hosted by a server at Purdue University.

To start, enter your drying system type and other specific information relevant to the drying system type, then click Continue.