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Videos of previous conferences and food safety topics are available for purchase. A video of the 2005 conference will be available afterwards. You can view the video information and order them online.

Safe Food for the Hungry 2005: Designing for Choice DVD - DVD-CFS-728, $10.00
Designing for Choice focuses around the term "client choice." Client choice is where food pantry clients can choose some or all of the food they bring home. Clients can use a shopping cart and walk the aisles or pick available foods from a list. The video demonstrates the benefits and how to implement client choice. This is also available in a VHS format for $15.00.

Safe Food for the Hungry 1997: Ken McKan: Role of Food Choice - V-CFS-42, $10.00
Ken McKan hits the streets to learn about food preference, examine the importance of food choice, and find ways to incorporate choice when foods are limited. And nutrition changes through the effects of life stage on nutritional needss. Topics: Food Choice, Nutrition, Food Preference

Safe Food for the Hungry 1997: Ken McKan: Proper Hand Washing - V-CFS-39, $10.00
Ken McKan uses "glowing germs" to illustrate the concept of cross contamination and to teach proper hand washing.

Safe Food for the Hungry 1997: Ken McKan: Food Evaluation - V-CFS-41, $10.00
Ken McKan, with the help of a gorilla, teaches the basics of evaluating cans, bottles, jars, and boxes of food. Use this tape to teach staff and volunteers the basics of food evaluation in an emergency feeding program.

Safe Food for the Hungry 1997: Ken McKan: Effects of Time & Temperature on Food Safety -
Ken McKan examines the effects of time and temperature on food safety. By experimenting, Ken learns just how long it takes a big pot of chili to cool to a safe temperature.

Safe Food for the Hungry 1997 Videoconference: A Focus on Diversity - V-CFS-38, $20.00
This is a tape of a videoconference workshop to help emergency feeding programs better meet the food safety and nutritional needs of their diverse clientele. The videoconference explores food safety and nutrition issues of diverse populations throughout the life cycle from pregnant women to senior citizens.

Safe Food for the Hungry 1996 Videoconference: Mission Possible - V-CFS-36, $20.00
This video provides food safety and nutrition information for not-for-profit food distribution organizations. Themes focus on creative solutions to common problems like how to make sure the food you receive is safe, how to keep it safe until it is used, how to maximize the nutrition of the foods you provide, and how to achieve better nutrition through creativity and planning. In this videotape, you'll meet Mrs. Phelps, the director of a meal program, and help her accomplish her mission - to provide safe, nutritious food to her clients. You'll also find out how individuals from other programs maximize the safety and nutrition of the food they provide.

Safe Food for the Hungry 1995: Volunteer Management - V-CFS-34, $15.00
This includes two short video segments: Current Trends in Volunteerism and the Isotures Management System.

Safe Food for the Hungry 1995: Nutrition Training - V-CFS-33, $15.00
This resource includes three short video segments: The Food Guide Pyramid, A Look at Serving Sizes and Creative Cooking with Commodity Foods.

Safe Food for the Hungry 1995: Food Safety Training - V-CFS-32, $15.00
This resource includes three short video segments: Food Safety Time Bomb, Keeping Food Safe the HACCP Way, and A Look at Date Labeling

Safe Food for the Hungry 1995 Videoconference - V-CFS-31, $20.00
This two tape series captures the complete Safe Food for the Hungry - II videoconference.
Tape 1: Food Safety & Nutrition Tape 2: Volunteer Management

Safe Food for the Hungry 1994 Videoconference - V-CFS-30, $20.00
This two tape series shows safe food handling specific to not-for-profit food distribution organizations. Topics covered include: decreasing food waste, making sure incoming food is safe, redistributing, preparing, and serving food safely, avoiding contamination, storing food safely, controlling pests, and special issues related to prepared and perishable foods.