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4-H Scholarship Workshops & Applications

November 26, 2019
4-H Scholarship

Vigo County 4-H Council Scholarships

In memory of deceased 4-H Alumni/Leaders/Friends of 4-H

Don Smith, Max Miller, Arnold Herring & Gordon Hulman, Paul & Richard Haas, Catherine & Carol Cottom, Larry Schopmeyer, Brad DeHart

These scholarships are open to 4-H members that are in their last two years of 4-H and have been enrolled in 4-H for at least five years. Applicants can be selected as a 4-H Council Scholarship or Citizen Washington Focus Scholarship winner one time. (A single applicant cannot be a 4-H Council Scholarship winner in their 9th and 10th year of 4-H). 

Scholarship recipients will be awarded $500 with the number awarded dependent on funds available.

Miller, Herring & Hulman, Haas, and Cottom Scholarships- No project restrictions, awarded at Achievement Night at the Vigo County Fair.

Don Smith Scholarship- No project restrictions, awarded at the livestock auction.

Schopmeyer Scholarship- Must have participated in livestock projects, awarded by Donna Schopmeyer at the livestock auction.

To apply: Complete the 2020 4-H Foundation Senior Scholarship Application and return it to the Extension Office by 4:00 PM on January 24th or upload it to 4HOnline by midnight on January 25th (only seniors eligible for this option).  4-Hers must be re-enrolled for the 2020 4-Her and in active status by January 25th to apply. Applications are available at the Extension Office, Vigo County Extension Website, Indiana 4-H website, or call to have an application mailed. Completed applications are accepted via email to, flash drive, or hard copy.

Other Vigo County Scholarship Opportunities (due later in the year)

Livengood Scholarship- Applicants must have completed 8 – 10 years of the sheep project and is in his/her senior year of high school. Scholarship recipients will be awarded $300 for 8 years of the project, $400 for 9 years, and $600 for 10 years. Applicants will be presented the award by Marty Goodwin at the sheep show.

To apply: Complete the Livengood Scholarship application and return it to the Extension Office by 4:30 PM on June 15th. Applications will be mailed to eligible members.

Sarah Roberts Norton Scholarship- Applicants must have completed 7 – 10 years in the 4-H Beef project and is in his/her 10th, 11th or 12th year of school. The Roberts family will present scholarship at the beef show.

To apply: Complete the Sarah Roberts Norton Scholarship application and return it to the Extension Office by 4:30 PM on June 15th. Applications will be mailed to eligible members.

Barbara C. Puckett Award- The 4-Her must be in last two years of 4-H, completed 9 or 10 years of 4-H, and have completed projects in Home Environment, Gift Wrapping, or Consumer Clothing. The award is selected by the Puckett Family and no application is necessary. The award is presented during Achievement Night Program. 


Indiana 4-H Scholarships 

In partnership with the Indiana 4-H Foundation, the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program annually awards more than $125,000.00 in scholarships to 4-H members to pursue post-secondary education. Scholarships are awarded to recognize youth participating in Indiana’s 4-H Youth Development Program on their achievements and life skill development resulting from their participation in a variety of 4-H experiences. For full information on elgibillity, requirements, and how to submit applications visit:  
Senior Year Scholarship- Available to 4-H members in their senior year of high school.
Club Scholarship- Available to 4-H members entering Purdue University majoring in the College of Agriculture or select majors in the College of Health and Human Sciences.  
Purdue Horticulture & Landscape Architecture Scholarship- Available to 4-H members majoring in horticulture or landscape architecture at Purdue University and studied plant science in 4-H. 
Accomplishment Scholarship- Available to 4-H members in grades 10-12 of high school and the year immediately following high school graduation. The purpose of the 4-H Accomplishment Scholarship is to recognize youth who have excelled in life skills development through their 4-H activities and involvement. Multiple categories exist for participating in a variety of 4-H projects. 
To Apply: Go to the website listed above and click on each scholarship title to access the application. Applications are due January 25th. Youth may complete their application through their 4HOnline account. Instructions on how to submit your scholarship application are listed on the Indiana 4-H website.

Application Workshops & Important Dates 

How to Strike Fold on Your Next Scholarship or Job Application
Wednesday, December 18th from 6:00-7:00 pm in the Banquet Center on the south end of the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds
The workshop is designed for students in grades 10-12 and their parents.
Topics covered include:
-Finding and securing scholarships
-Writing an effective resume and cover letter
-Enhancing interview skills
-Filling out county and state 4-H scholarship applications
Please RSVP by December 16th to Sara Haag at or the Extension Office at 812-462-3371.
Impress 4-H State and County Judges
January 14th, 5:30-6:15 pm, Banquet Center-Wabash Valley Fairgrounds
January 24th, 4:00 pm, Extension Office: Indiana 4-H & Vigo County 4-H Council scholarship applications due via email or flash drive
January 25th, midnight, applications due on 4HOnline
All 4-Her's are welcome to schedule an appointment with the Educator for in depth feedback of your application!

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