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4-H Coast Into STEM at Holiday World

April 7, 2021
Coast Into STEM

Ever wondered how science, technology, engineering, and math are used in a theme park? Join Purdue Extension on Friday June 18th from 8:45 AM-4 PM Central Time at Holiday World Splashin’ Safari for a behind the scenes look at how STEM is used to design a theme park.

Youth grades 6-12 will tour (and ride) different attractions through the theme park while identifying STEM in use. Each youth will receive a t-shirt, backpack, lunch, and all materials needed to complete the activities. Weather permitting, several activities will take place in Splashin’ Safari, so please plan accordingly.

Registration fee is $20 and due by May 15th to the Spencer County Purdue Extension Office at 1101 E. County Road 800 North, Chrisney, IN 47611. The registration form can be found below or by contacting Jennifer Mayo at allen393@purdue.edu. Please visit the Spencer County Visitors Bureau at santaclausind.org for more information on local accommodations.  

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