Purdue Extension Water Quality

For your convenience, publications have been divided into the following topics. A complete list of Purdue Extension water quality publications is also available.

Homes and Water Quality

Purdue Extension provides information and assistance to homeowners, particularly rural homeowners who may have a private well or septic system. Popular publications include:

Drinking Water Quality Concerns

  • Water Testing Laboratories (WQ-1) html / pdf
  • How to Take a Water Sample (WQ-3) html
  • How and Why to Test Home Water Supplies (WQ-4)
    html / pdf
  • Interpreting Water Test Results: Inorganic Materials (WQ-5) html
  • Water Quality for Animals (WQ-9) html
  • Sulfur Water Control (Rotten Egg Odor) (WQ-11) html
  • Bacterial Contamination of Household Water (WQ-15) html
  • Cryptosporidium: A Waterborne Pathogen (WQ-23)
    html / pdf
  • Lead in Drinking Water (WQ-27) pdf
  • Nitrate and Indiana's Ground Water (WQ-27) pdf
  • Drinking Water Quality Reports: Your Right To Know (WQ-33) pdf

Drinking Water Treatment

  • Buying Home Water Treatment Equipment (WQ-6) html
  • Sulfur Water Control (WQ-11) html
  • Distillation for Home Water Treatment (WQ-12) html
  • Home Water Treatment Using Activated Carbon (WQ-13) html
  • Reverse Osmosis for Home Treatment of Drinking Water (WQ-14) html

Home Environment

  • Home*A*Syst: An Environmental Risk-Assessment Guide for the Home (116 pages)(WQ-25, $5.00) To order a copy.
  • Water Conservation in the Home (WQ-34) html / pdf

Septic Systems

  • Operating and Maintaining the Home Septic System (ID-142) html / pdf
  • Construction Guidelines for Conventional Septic Systems  (ID-170) html
  • Steps in Constructing a Mound (Bed-Type) Septic System  (ID-163) html
  • Steps in Constructing a Pressure Distribution Septic System  (ID-164) html
  • Individual Residence Wastewater Wetland Construction in Indiana (ID-220) pdf

    Septic System Failure (HENV-1-W) pdf

    Increasing the Longevity of Your Septic System (HENV-2-W) pdf

    High Water Tables and Septic System Perimeter Drains (RW-1-W) pdf
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