Community Development

Community Development programming and resources address the following areas;

Leadership and Civic Engagement 

  • Efforts in this program area are designed to increase the capacity of local people, organizations and institutions to come act on current or future opportunities or challenges. 

 Community and Organizational Planning 

  • The goal of this program area is to : Equip community and organizational leaders/representatives with the capacity to facilitate and pursue sound planning and secure the fiscal resources to achieve local improvement efforts.

 Business and Economic Development 

  • Strengthen and expand the economic activities of communities and regions by building on their existing and emerging economic-development assets.

 Local Government Education 

  • Increase the effectiveness of local governments, boards and committees to ensure a  sustainable future for Indiana communities/counties.  *Includes On Local Government

 Quality Places 

  • Build the capacity of Indiana’s local stakeholders to enhance their communities’ quality of place, better manage their natural resources, and improve their overall quality of life.

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