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Crops: Corn 4-H Project

April 19, 2018

What's in it for me? You will learn about the amazing corn plant. The project is divided into three divisions:

What can I learn? You can learn about how the corn plants works, the pests that attack corn, uses of corn and the safety practices when growing, harvesting, and storing corn.  In the advanced levels you will learn about hybrid corn, the types and sources of nutrients for corn, soil erosion, producing and comparing hybrids, and planting and growing corn crops.

For more information about the Corn project, please visit the Indiana 4-H Corn page or phone Purdue Extension Dubois County at 812.482.1782.

Note: Members are required to complete ONE General 4-H Record Sheet per year which will include all projects that the 4-H member takes for the year.

General 4-H Record Sheet Requirement 

Indiana 4-H Corn page - Includes resources to help you complete and learn about your project.



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