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Huntington County 4-H Shooting Sports

August 6, 2019

All youth must be in the 3 - 12 grades.  All youth must be enrolled in the Huntington County 4-H program to participate.  

Disciplines offered in Huntington County

Archery   Grades 3 - 12

Outdoor Skills  Grades 3 - 12 

Pistol  Grades 6 - 12  *New Instructor*    

Rifle Grades 4 - 12

Shotgun  Grades 4 - 12   

***Please remember that if school is cancelled on the day of your meeting, the scheduled meeting will also be cancelled.***


Note:  There are 2 separate fees all 4-H Shooting Sports members must pay.  A $15.00 state 4-H program fee at time of enrollment in the County 4-H program (annual fee).  If writing a check for this fee, please make payable to PURDUE EXTENSION.  In addition, there is a $20.00 Huntington Co. 4-H Shooting Sports registration fee for each enrolled discipline.   These fees MUST be paid separate from the program fee to the respective 4-H Shooting Sports leader at the 1st meeting date listed above.






Each discipline has a different date for classroom meetings so look carefully at the dates listed. Share this information with other youth and their parents that may be interested.   Online enrollment is from Oct 1 - Jan 15.  Youth are encouraged to enroll during that time so that they don't miss an opportunity to participate in 4-H programs offered through the course of the year. 

If you have questions, please contact the Purdue Extension Service - Huntington County Office or one of the 4-H Shooting Sports leaders.


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