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2020 Virtual Fair Results

July 26, 2020
Schedule of result and exhibit uploads


The 2020 Monroe County Virtual Fair will be held July 18th - July 27th. During this time we will be releasing the results from all of our virtual summer competitions. New results will be added each day of the virtual fair so check back often! 


Day 1 - Foods, Microwave, Cupcake Decorating, Flowers, Crops and Potatoes, Gardening


Day 2 - Food Preservation, Achievement Record Sheet, Community Service, Scrapbook, Collections, Do Youth Own Thing, Cake Decorating


Day 3 - Electric, Photography, Sewing for Fun, Model Building, LEGOs, Swine Poster, Farm Display


Day 4 - Aerospace, Bottle Rockets, Recycling, Child Development, Home Environment, Sportfishing, Sports


Day 5 - Sheep Poster, Welding, Animal Posters, Computer, Woodworking, Genealogy, Creative Writing


Day 6 - Arts and Crafts (Fine Arts, Needle Crafts, Misc. Crafts), Beekeeping, Entomology, Mini 4-H Building Projects, Goat Poster and Showmanship


Day 7 - Physically Fit, Health, Gift Wrapping, Bicycle, Pet Pals, and Fun with Leisure


Day 8 - Weather, Wildlife, Vet Science, Consumer Clothing, Sewing Construction, Fashion Revue, Mini 4-H Animals, Poultry Exhibition


Walton Webcasting Live Shows (Goat, Sheep, Beef and Swine)


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