Farm Security: Where to Begin

There are various approaches that you can take to protect people, property, and other assets; and whether you ultimately choose a high-tech electronic system or just locks and lights, you must plan your approach and adopt the procedures necessary to implement it. Study your situation and identify any assets that might be threatened, establish the measures that you feel are adequate to protect those assets (such as installing equipment), and implement your system by training and assigning personnel to manage it. Your strategy and security design should be commensurate with perceived security risks and the assets to be protected.

Physical Protection Planning

Protecting Information and Counter-Intelligence Measures

Physical Protection Procedures

Lock and Key Control Problem

Most farms depend on lock and key systems for access control, but the effectiveness of locks is dependent upon key control. Without effective key control, locks are useless.

Physical Security Measures

Physical security measures are taken to protect your assets and to discourage intruders from entering your buildings. They include protecting doors, windows, fences, gates, etc., to prevent or delay an adversary's access to your property. Suggested physical security measures include the following. (Note: Measures pertaining to locks are discussed under "Physical Protection Procedures.")

Electronic Security: Alarms, Access Control, Video Surveillance

Protection of Anhydrous Ammonia
and Other Chemical Tanks