Agriculture and Natural Resources


  • Beginning Farmer This program will walk through a farm planning workbook that will help a farmer determine their mission and vision, define their assets, set goals, and outline activities to achieve their goals. The objective of this program is to support your clients get organized, not waste money and resources so that they can focus their efforts on creating successful and viable farm enterprises.
  • Beginning Livestock & Poultry 101 This program covers multiple aspects of livestock and poultry production in order to raise healthy livestock and poultry for personal use or as a commercial business. Topics will include purposes of different species, processing, marketing and budgeting. More specific sessions on sheep, goats, cattle, swine, poultry, rabbits/cavies, and equine will also be held.

  • Keeping the Business in the Family This program takes a holistic approach to succession in farm and family businesses. This signature program delves into strategic management, relationships, conflict management, managing stress, and ends with writing down a timeline and roadmap for the ownership and management transfer processes.

  • Employer of Choice
  • UAV Program (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

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