4-H Camp

The Indiana 4-H Camping program exists to provide youth with an exciting transformational experience. 4-H Camp gives real-life educational opportunities in a fun and cooperative group living environment. Through experiential learning, campers will gain skills for independence, belonging, generosity, and mastery. Older teens gain leadership and empathy skills through training and serving as 4-H Camp Counselors.

Participants practice skills including:

  • Independence- self-care, decision making, cooperation, pushing comfort zones, self-esteem, responsibility, building an active lifestyle
  • Belonging- social skills, inclusion, friendship building, communication, conflict management, teamwork
  • Generosity- group living, service to others, caring for their surroundings
  • Mastery- hands-on skills in a variety of topic areas from arts and crafts to nature to STEM and more.

Upcoming 4-H Camps

Become a 4-H Camp Counselor

Become a 4-H Camp Counselor

teen camp counselors
Teen Leaders Gain Leadership, Teamwork and Communication Skills
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  1. Responsibilities & Expectation of Counselors
  2. General risk management
    1. First Aid Training (Minor Medical Situations)
    2. Youth Protection safety
    3. Bullying training
    4. Safety/Emergency Procedures (weather storms, active shooter, unwanted guests)
    5. Camper accountability
    6. Don’t do anything stupid- Camper Behavior Management
  3. Ages and stages
  4. 4-H THRIVE (sparks, belonging, welcoming environment, Cultural Awareness “DEI”)
  5. Camp scenarios (supplemental teaching aids for risk management, ages & stages, & 4-H Thrive)


Supplemental training topics based on the content and structure of the camp:

  1. Team building
  2. Experiential learning
  3. Essential Elements
  4. Mental Health Training
  5. Teaching & Facilitating tips and techniques
  6. Thinking & Problem Solving
  7. Leadership Style
  8. Listening & Debriefing
  9. Handling Special Needs
  10. Camp schedule and facilities orientation
  11. Camp Song list
  12. Recreation list
  13. Other as determined by educators

Lessons to accompany these topics are available to Indiana 4-H Educators on the 4-H Hub

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