4-H can be found in communities across Indiana including urban neighborhoods, suburban schoolyards, and rural communities. 4-H is open to all youth in grades 3-12 (Mini 4-H is offered to grades K-2 in most counties) without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, or disability. 4-H is for everyone!




Want to get involved? Contact your local County Extension Office to find out what clubs meet in your area.

4-H relies heavily on responsible adult volunteers in order to provide a positive experience for our youth. All volunteers must undergo a background check in order to be involved in our program. Volunteer positions vary, depending on what is needed in each particular county. Some of our volunteers provide leadership for local 4-H clubs, while others contribute their expertise on a given topic.

4-H enrollment for young people and adult volunteers is always open via 4-H Online!

We encourage you to sign up between October 1st and January 15th of each year to get the most out of your 4-H experience.


For a list of clubs, projects, and other opportunities in your county please reach out to your local Extension office before completing enrollment.

4-H Online enrollment help:

Join a Club

(Grades 3-12)

The purpose of a 4-H club is to provide positive youth development experiences to meet the needs of young people through opportunities tied to the Land Grant University knowledge base. Clubs are organized throughout the community and sometimes in schools. They typically meet after school hours. Some clubs focus on one project, while others focus on multiple projects depending on the members’ interests. Club meetings are led by youth members who hold leadership positions and are supported by one or more adult volunteer. Club meetings typically take place once a month in a centralized location such as a school cafeteria, community center, church or home. Activities during these meetings may include hands on learning activities, community service projects, and fundraisers. Club membership is not required in order to participate in some 4-H programs offered throughout the year.​

Mini 4-H

(Grades K-2)

Mini 4-H is a program designed to encourage positive development of children, Kindergarten through second grade (though not all counties are able to offer this to all grades). The goal of Mini 4-H is to help young children explore friendships outside the family; explore the way in which things work; practice both small and large muscle control; and think about the ways people work together on projects. 

The NON-COMPETITIVE learning environment for Mini 4-H includes:

  • Planned learning activities in which children are invited to be active and explore materials and ideas without the pressure of completing a specific product or exhibit.
  • Low adult/leader to child ratio that allows time for adults/leaders to provide individual, positive encouragement and assistance.
  • Simple, interesting activities that are fun.
  • Encouragement of children to participate in a group activity by sharing and or displaying their activity projects.
  • Rewards that are identical and/or ribbons of the same color for everyone.

Want to get involved?

Contact your local County Extension Office to find out what clubs meet in your area.