Support Indiana 4-H Youth Development

4-H youth need your support. With the ever shrinking support from traditional federal and state resources, we count on individual donors like you to fill the gap between opportunities we want to give our 4-H youth and the available dollars. You can make a difference in a young person's life with a gift of $25, $50, $100 or more!

Why Give a Gift to 4-H?

The Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program is the largest statewide youth serving organization serving over 130,000 Indiana youth in 2015. It is the only youth organization that is affiliated with the state's land-grant in​stitution​, Purdue University. Today Indiana 4-H is reaching new audiences and first generation 4-H families through it's growing STEM programming and military partnerships.
A recently released report entitled The 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development indicates "the true value of 4-H programs comes not from short-term results or even the effects over a few years. It comes from the programs' influence on lifelong pathways of development." 

Did You Know?

  • The 4-H Program has over a 100 year history-- our program today serves youth from rural areas and small towns to cities and suburbs.
  • Youth have the opportunity to select from over 50 subjects and activities of interest ranging from aerospace and computer science to photography, arts and crafts, robotics and genealogy.
  • 4-H Programs are available in a variety of formats - community clubs, afterschool clubs, and school enrichment to camps and specialized workshops. Activities are facilitated by both professional Purdue University Extension Educators and dedicated volunteers.
  • 4-H Youth Development utilizes hands-on, research-based educational opportunities-- we help youth become competent, caring, confident, connected, and contributing citizens of character.
  • We strive to provide youth in our program a safe place to belong; help them to master skills and develop independence; and teach them to give to others and their community.


For questions about giving, please e-mail Shelly Bingle, Indiana 4-H Foundation Executive Director, at or call (765) 224-8244. ​